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SCA Producer Position

Looking for Producers who can make beats in the various genres of Contemporary R&B/Soul, Piano Pop, Piano Soul, Trapsoul, Contemporary Pop, EDM, Tropical Pop, Alternative, and Rap/Hip Hop. If you can make a beat in at least 2 or more of the listed genres above then this might be the right opportunity for you. This is a PAID collaborative effort and is an EXCLUSIVE assignment. We are looking for Producers to Exclusively make beats for SCA's Music Catalog. 


Producers will get PAID for any beats selected (This is called the Selection Fee). Once a song is written and shopped, if it receives a placement, the Producer will get paid AGAIN (This is the Placement fee). Placements take time as the industry filters through tons of submitted music every day. The average time-frame for a placement starting at its deadline can take anywhere between 1 to 3 months depending on Music Companies and Big Name Clients. This opportunity requires Producers to be tasked with working directly with (The SCA Songwriter) to create specific beats around industry assignments and whatever it is that the industry is looking for. This collaborative effort ensures that Producers earn great secondary income and also serves as a great way to put your beats to use. 

Due to this opportunity being for the sole purpose of creating for prime time, there is tremendous upside and value with this assignment as opposed to the underachieving opportunities on highly over-saturated platforms such as YouTube and BeatStars where they offer very little visibility and discovery. While Producers are allowed to continue operating and running their own beat-making businesses on the side; ANY beats, concepts, ideas, and intellectual property made for THIS specific assignment CANNOT be re-printed, re-used, re-sold, posted, re-distributed, re-created or recycled anywhere else. Producers are allowed to post certain songs from this assignment on their Social Media in order to showcase their resume' or brag on their skills, but MUST ask for permission to do so FIRST, as this is an Exclusive assignment. Depending on the company who places the song, they also may not allow the music to be showcased. It just depends, it is a case by case basis. SCA is looking to ONLY work with a small, but select group of great and highly talented beat makers for this opportunity. 


We're looking for a Producer who has a killer work ethic, a Producer who is flexible and versatile, has a great ear for music, works at a reasonable pace, is creative & original, has great musical chemistry, great communication skills, and is great at capturing a specific sound, style, essence, feel, or mood in a beat. We're also looking for a Producer who has great use of melody and polyphony; One who understands song structure, tempo, and most importantly can replicate the current sounds and trends of today's music (unless specifically asked to do otherwise). 


This assignment is a 3 track deal meaning that after 3 beats have been selected "AND" successfully turned into a song with confirmation that it has been placed, then the Producer is free to end the assignment unless he/she is interested in another 3 track deal. If a Producer decides to leave upon completion of their first assignment, their spot will become vacant  and we will find a replacement as we are ONLY looking to work with a very small and select group of beat makers. Producers will be paid 50% of their placement fee revenue and will receive the other 50% once their 3 track assignment has fully been honored. The 50% temporarily withheld is a deposit for protection to ensure that Producers fully complete assignments in good faith. 

We need people who are reliable and hungry. Upon the successful completion of a 3 track assignment, Producers should be immediately paid ALL of their earnings and not owed a single penny. In the event that placements don't occur for some or all of the songs during a Producer's assignment, then a Producer can either extend this assignment (Which entails hanging around a little longer in order to continue to shop the same songs, but to different companies) or the Producer can leave with the money they've already made from their track-selection fees. The same is true if hanging around for a second go-around still does not result in a placement. As for the remaining songs that were selected but DID NOT get placements, they will be put away and shelved in the SCA Music Catalog and the Producer will receive a paid buy-out of each song at 33% of what the Placement fee would've been had each song placed.

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